About Tasmania

Everyone knows how extraordinary Australia is.

But many folks don’t know much about that part of Australia called Tasmania. Tasmania is known as the “Island State of Australia” and as the “Apple Isle”. Tasmania is located about 150 miles (240 km) south of the South Eastern corner of mainland Australia, across the Bass Strait.Tassie’s population is small and has a tradition of doing things locally, hence there are a number of small producers of high-quality products. These Tasmanians are artisans who work hard to produce the very best, high quality products. The results are evident in the great honeys from “Tassie” that we sell in our on-line store and Tasmania is truly “Green”.

The great images you see above were taken by MIKE CALDER.   You can see more of Mike’s work at:  http://www.mikecalder.com.au/

Tasmania’s Air and Water

Some of the purest air and water on planet Earth is found in Tasmania. The pure air and water make the crops grow naturally and the bees gather their nectar from these plants. A United Nations environmental monitoring station at Cape Grim on the Northwestern coast uses Tasmania as a reference for the cleanest air and purest water on Earth.

Here is the information confirming our assertion: http://www.csiro.au/greenhouse-gases/   The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station monitors Southern Hemispheric air. The Cape Grim station is positioned just south of the isolated north-west tip (Woolnorth Point) of Tasmania. It is an important site, as the air sampled arrives at Cape Grim after long trajectories over the Southern Ocean, under conditions described as ‘baseline’.

This baseline air is representative of a large area of the Southern Hemisphere, unaffected by regional pollution sources (there are no nearby cities or industry that would contaminate the air quality). Our emphasis.

About the Tarkine – A Temperate Rainforest on Tasmania

We could write a lot about the Tarkine but these folks have already done a great job, so here are some excellent links for you to enjoy. Google Tarkine for more.

Newsletter – Brand Tasmania

Brand Tasmania promotes all things Tasmanian and their monthly newsletter has information worth reading. Their web site: Brand Tasmania

Their newsletter: Brand Tasmania Newsletter

More Things to know about Tassie

One motto describing Tasmania is: “Your Natural State”.
The island contains a very diverse range of natural elements, rugged mountains, alpine moors, rich agricultural land, gentle valleys with historic towns and villages, hundreds of lakes and sweeping white beaches. Tasmania lies on latitude 42 degrees South below the Equator. The only other landmasses that share this latitude are the south island of New Zealand and Southern Chile. Tasmanian is surrounded by the Great Southern Ocean with its prevailing westerly winds – the “Roaring Forties”. More than 40% of Tasmania is protected as a World Heritage Area, national parks and reserves.

It is a very special place to live and work.

GMO free – At this time Tasmania has a moratorium on GMO crops


Here are some other links. Take a tour of Tasmania, and enjoy