Meadow Honey


Meadow honey from the golden fields of Northwestern Tasmania. Read more at the bottom of the page.

An elegant mild floral flavour with a lovely, soft sweetness. The bees blend this honey by gathering nectar from numerous flowers they find blooming in the golden meadows of Northwestern Tasmania during the warm Summers.

Medium/light amber, flavourful, and buttery, a great honey. All Blue Hills honeys are “cold extracted”, ensuring all of the natural components of the honey are retained.

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Blue Hills honeys has won numerous awards since 1955 when it was started. Gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as Best Organic Product, World’s Best Leatherwood Honey, and awards for their business operations.

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Blue Hills has maintained the highest level of quality and purity of their honey products for many years. Blue Hills meets or exceeds the standards of many agencies that monitor beekeepers, their procedures, product quality, and the professionalism of their apiary.

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Lab Tests
Blue Hills Honey regularly measures and tests various aspects of their honeys in order to confirm their products meet or exceed Australian government, Tasmanian government, and international standards for quality.

These tests include those conducted by the Queensland Government confirm that Blue Hills Honey is free from the anti-bacterial residue (medicines) and other adulterants found in many honeys. GMO/GE Free.

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Product Description

Our Meadow honey is collected by moving the bee hives to the flowering meadows and pastures of Northern Tasmania when many types of flowers are in full bloom.

This blend of nectars makes a complex flavour profile that is a bit sweeter than our other honeys. An elegant taste that is perfect on morning toast of muffins. Great in tea, etc.

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All Blue Hills honeys are “cold extracted”, ensuring all of the natural components of the honey are retained. Family run since 1955.

Ingredients: 100% Cold-Extracted Tasmanian Meadow Honey.
Shelf Life: 60 months
Available in: 125gm, 250gm, 500gm jars, 1kg and 3kg pails and larger


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